Undercover Agents

The enemy within – why you need undercover investigators

There isn’t a day that goes by where businesses aren’t being effected by theft , fraud and labour force disruptors. Dishonesty and corruption has filtered down from collusion between some so called trusted big businesses and government into our daily lives. Easily influenced employees mirror what they see in the countries corporate and political leadership and it has developed into a culture of entitlement. This sadly effect the very businesses where they are employed. In line with your traditional security protocols it is important to add intelligence or information gathering to these structures. Undercover investigators should be an integral part of your companies risk plan.

What makes us different

SSC has been at the forefront on intelligence gathering for many years and has developed a service offering that surpasses any other commercially available product in the market place today. One of the biggest complaints about the use of undercover investigators has been the time it takes to get information to the client. Typically days later important information is fed back to the client rendering it ineffective and useless. At SSC our highly skilled, vetted and trained undercover investigators are equipped with sophisticated technology that enables them to transmit high priority information instantly. Instant information means our client are able to respond to our alerts and apprehend the criminals immediately. Our undercover investigators upload their report daily on to our Meerkat Data Reporting System via a mobile app. Meerkat is vital to the management of all intelligence reported by the investigators.

Meerkat for Undercover Investigators

SSC online data management programme, Meerkat, was developed to create interaction between the client and the intelligence supplied by the investigators. The bespoke data architecture enables the creation of an INTEGRATED KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM (IKP.) The system not only stores all the investigators reports in a secure environment but also enables the accurate recall of historical data at the touch of a button. The powerful search facility allows for the mining of historical data – via a drill down capability – to the exact incident being sought regardless of when it was originally reported and captured. Statistical reports are generated providing graphical representations of trends and patterns based on previously reported data and information captured. By applying analytical data processing to the sourced information in the database, the client is able to identify and select key security risks embedded in the information that can be used to mount effective and focused operations. Although the system and search engine is highly sophisticated, we have made it incredibly easy for the end user to use. The storage of critical information such as videos, snap shots and voice clips can all be added providing the user with additional tools to create and implement effective security measures based on actionable and timely intelligence.

Typical Reporting Platform

  • Criminal activity
  • Labour concerns
  • Breaches of security
  • Health and safety
  • Substance abuse
  • Company matters
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