Social Media/Cybercrime Investigations

SCC is proud to announce the introduction of Social Media/Cybercrime Investigations. With the use of the latest technology, investigative tools and highly skilled Social Media/Cybercrime agents SSC is now able to investigate and monitor the criminals, syndicates and workforce disruptors within your business.

Along with our traditional methodology SSC can conduct OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE investigations (OSINT). The term “open” refers to overt, publicly available sources. Our highly trained cyber agents will keep you fully in the picture when wanting to hunt down and apprehend those disruptive elements. Their methodology begins with an initial scan of the internet, interrogating platform such as blogs, discussion groups, citizen media like cell phone videos, user created content, YouTube, and other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Once a viable footprint has been established the subjects content can be monitored on an ongoing basis. This allows our cyber agents to keep close tabs on the daily activities of the subject giving crucial intelligence that will aid the investigative process.

We provide data collection, collation, analysis and reporting services to assist in for example cyber investigations, establishing threat intelligence profiles, monitoring and sanitizing of digital footprints, as well as assist in targeted intelligence.

Data Collection

  • OSINT (open source intelligence): Data collection via open media including amongst others, media, public agencies, universities, governmental, non-government organizations (NGOs), and the private sector.
  • SOCMINT (social media intelligence): Data collection and data mining from social media platforms.
  • Use effective methods to collect, collate and process open-source information.
  • Data collection on the Darknet.
  • Data collection and data mining from forums utilized by criminal entities.
  • Profile digital footprint of individuals and organizations.
  • Passive reconnaissance techniques.
  • Geolocation techniques.
  • Metadata collection.
  • Data extraction from sites.
  • Mining lost and stolen data and analysis thereof to assist in threat profile management.

Analysis & Reporting

Various analysis methods and techniques are employed to link data and ensure integrity and validity of the information are ensured.

  • Collect, collate, analyse and report on open and dynamic data.
  • Utilize specific transforms in applications.
  • Filtering of results.
  • Identify relationships.
  • ¬†Investigations into cybercrime.
  • Verification of information.
  • Linked analysis.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Site analysis, including source and content analysis.
  • Optimized searching of online sources.


  • Intelligence reports to assist in threat assessment and risk management.
  • Assist in better understanding of allied and adversary actions and groups.
  • Assess and identify insider threats.
  • Sanitize digital profiles.
  • Market intelligence including customer profiles.
  • Monitoring of all platforms, to identify key information and provide targeted intelligence.
  • Creating and protecting online personas for investigations.
  • Identify relationships.
  • Defence intelligence to assist organizations in risk management.

Integrity, Ethical considerations & Legal requirements

Utilizing open information to assist in investigations, providing intelligence information and creating threat profiles with ethical and legal considerations in mind.

  • Adherence to legal requirements in the collection and processing of open source data.
  • ¬†Maintaining operational security around all investigations.
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