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Businesses are exposed to many potential security threats and violations on a daily basis, it’s important to know that you’re sufficiently protected against risk. Risk is defined as exposure to any hazardous circumstances – a source of, or exposure to danger or loss. For peace of mind, let Security Service Consultants independently and professionally audit and evaluate your security risks.

Our in-depth risk management audit will look at all aspects of your existing Security, providing you with a detailed survey report. The survey will include comprehensive observations in all the Risk Management disciplines, and will include applicable recommendations on actions to be taken to remove or bring the situations identified under control.

The survey is compiled in a Risk Management Report format, that includes the findings and recommendations with respect to Security Systems, Health and Safety, Fire and Environmental Issues. Specific aspects that the survey covers include:

Arm yourself with the appropriate information through risk analysis on employees, environments and competitors to highlight any potential issues before they arise.

Security Manpower
Thorough security audits on contracted security providers to ensure the guards you’re allocated are appropriately skilled, trained and supervised in line with key performance indicators.

Innovative technology such as electronic security systems has greatly enhanced the level of security protection. Ensure you have the right technology to suit your company’s needs and your budget.

Procedures and Systems
Internationally accepted procedures and systems should be implemented across all areas of the business to ensure appropriate controls are in place to minimize risk and potential losses.

Security Vulnerability
Make sure you identify and understand any possible areas of vulnerability in the business, be it intellectual property or physical premises, so that you can put the property security measures in place.

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