Independent Security Management

An independent security manager, who is not employed by the same company who provides you with security guards or other security services, is essential for any business. Being independent allows the security manager to really do his job properly, as he can report on every aspect of security, both positive and negative. Your other security service providers will be more compliant as a result, as they know they will be reported on.

An independent security manager checks the compliance of every security service provider, as well as ensuring that you are being provided with the right security equipment.

Our guarantee
Security Service Consultants’ onsite security managers are completely independent of all other security contractors;
as a result we can guarantee that all these contractors will be professionally managed ensuring contractor compliance. Professionally managed and properly implemented security will not only be cost effective but will help reduce loss.

Our Unique offering
Whether you need a part time security manager or someone permanently posted on site you will be certain to be getting a highly professional appointee to ensure the smooth operation of all your security concerns. Our third party presence ensures that guarding companies and all other service providers will always deliver to the maximum, enhancing the level of service provided and improving security on your site and very often offering substantial savings on your security spend.

Our role as independent security managers:
Our role as independent security managers would not be subject to any outside authority or internal politics and would only report to senior management. We would be party to internal decision making and would handle the security budget ensuring that you are getting what you are paying for.  These services include third party monitoring, reporting without fear or favour on the guarding company’s activities – positive or negative.

Our role would include:
• Contractor performance reviews and assessments
• Billing accuracy
• Contractor responsiveness
• Monitoring of training requirements and procedures
• Attrition rates amongst staff and the causes thereof
• Contractor service complaint monitoring
• On-site inspections
• Record and receipt inspection
• Security audits and surveys

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